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Of the class pyrethroid, is a manmade version of the natural repellent, pyrethrum, found in chrysanthemums. Since 1977, itís been approved for use by the Environmental Protection Agency (US) in products to kill or control insects.

Low toxicity to birds, High toxicity in an aquatic environment, this is a general rsik with all artificial pyrethroids.

Extremely toxic to bees, particular care should be taken to avoid drift, particular care should be taken to avoid exposure to wildlife.

Half life of between 30 to 38 days

Odorless, comes as cristaline solid or viscous brown liquid

Brand or Common Names

Permethrin Pro (Dragnet), Acclaim 2000 (flea control)

Used to Treat

It is a general use (broad spectrum) pesticide / insecticide used on fruits, nuts, vegetables, ornamental plants, cereals.
As flea control, used as a room treatment for flea infestations.

Used to Control

Insecticide for general use, includes: termites, ants, aphids, leafminers, sawflies, weevils, whiteflies, moth, thrips.

Also used as a constituent within head lice treatment and for impregnation in clothes to ward off insect pests.

Fleas, ants, cockroaches, ticks, earwigs, silverfish, other bristletails, centipedes, spiders: on contact.


Acutely toxic to bees and fish. Residues implied in adverse effects on pond life - algae, zooplankton, nematodes.


cyclopropanecarboxylic acid, 3-(2,2-dichloroethenyl)2,2-dimethyl-(3-phenoxyphenyl)methyl ester

Pesticide residue testing services
QTS has developed state of the art analytical techniques to provide a first class residue testing service in a wide range of commodities. We have made a considerable investment in development and are very pleased to have available the following techniques:
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They're Hungary And They're Coming
The latest methods of control include ground spraying, pheromone ties and the release of sterile males. PERMETHRIN
Source: coastalpost, Date and Time of entry: Thursday, January 28, 2010 14:32

Creepy crawlies can really get under your skin
lindane PERMETHRIN LiceMD Nix Rid
Source: wp, Date and Time of entry: Thursday, January 28, 2010 14:28

Nepali tea pesticide residue within exportable limits
The tea samples selected for test were checked for contents of CyPERMETHRIN, DDT, DDE, DDD, Melathion, Phosalone, Diacofol, Lindane, PERMETHRIN, CyPERMETHRIN, Fenvelerate, Deltamethrin, Oxamyl, Methomyl, Aldicarb, Carbofuran, Carbary and Methiocard.
Source: republica, Date and Time of entry: Thursday, January 28, 2010 13:33

Influences on transfer of selected synthetic pyrethroids from treated Formica to foods
Pesticides investigated included PERMETHRIN, bifenthrin, cyfluthrin, cyPERMETHRIN, and deltamethrin.
Source: jesee, Date and Time of entry: Wednesday, January 27, 2010 17:22

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