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Initially approved of with the name nicobifen. A fungicide active against a broad range of fungal pathogens.for use on a wide range of crops including fruit, vegetables and ornamentals.

Introduced in 2002 in the UK, 2003 in the USA.
Protectant, foliar absorption, translocates, inhibits spore germination and germ tude elongation.
Available as a white crystalline powder.

Brand or Common Names

Filan, Signum, Splice, Tracker, Venture, Emerald, Bosco WG.

Manufacturers: Basf, Goldengrass

Used to Treat

Pastachio, Almond, Apple, Banana, Berries and small fruit, coffee beans, grapes, Tree nuts.

Used to Control

fungal infections. Sclerotinia, Alternaria and Powdery Mildew


Fat soluble, Occupational exposure may occur through inhalation and dermal contact. Not known as an endocrine disrupter, nor as a neurotoxin or Acetyl cholinesterase inhibitor. Carcinogen and reproductive effects have not been confirmed as yet.



Pesticide residue testing services
QTS has developed state of the art analytical techniques to provide a first class residue testing service in a wide range of commodities. We have made a considerable investment in development and are very pleased to have available the following techniques:
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Other Information: Wikipedia; Alan Wood; BASF ;

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First Sclerotinia spray due in carrots
A protectant and systemic fungicide, Signum contains 267g/kg BOSCALID and 67g/kg pyraclostrobin, formulated as a water dispersible granule.
Source: farming, Date and Time of entry: Friday, July 30, 2010 16:28

New option for alternaria control in potatoes
A specific off-label approval for BASF fungicide Signum (BOSCALID + pyraclostrobin) has been granted by the Chemicals Regulation Directorate for use against alternaria in potatoes.
Source: fweekly, Date and Time of entry: Friday, July 30, 2010 16:27

Resistance to BOSCALID Fungicide in Alternaria alternata Isolates from Pistachio in California
BOSCALID is a new carboxamide fungicide recently introduced in a mixture with pyraclostrobin in the product Pristine for the control of Alternaria late blight of pistachio.
Source: qts, Date and Time of entry: Friday, July 30, 2010 16:07

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